Yreka, California Gold Field

I practiced chiropractic in Yreka, California for 8 years. Yreka was famous for the Gold discovery in 1851.  See Yreka History    I did research for my book  Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance in the Yreka Library  and was shown old Newspapers of those early years during the gold rush. The newspaper reported there were over a 1000 Chinese gold miners in Yreka.  Later it was reported they had dug underground tunnels from the inside of their homes to dig for gold. Some said it was not so, but a patient of mine asked me if I would like to come to his home, and he would show me where in one of his closets, there was a hidden trap door that went down to a underground tunnel.  I could kick myself, because I never went.

When we moved to Yreka, there was a large lake just outside of town where everyone gathered for recreation, family picnic’s and fished in the lake. As I recall about 20 years ago, when everyone woke up one morning, the lake was gone.  They speculated that the water had somehow emptied into the underground tunnels under the City of Yreka.



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