So, how do you train a horse not to crush you

Horse collars creating sores.
Horse collars creating sores.

My grandfather, my father were both horse trainers.  They mainly trained Draft horses for farm work.  Grandpa Cooper was well know throughout the Coopersville, Michigan area as a ‘Healer.’ A farm horse wears a horse collar around it’s neck. Over time, pulling the plows and other farm machinery while wearing the collar can create sores on it’s upper shoulder(s).  Grandpa would lance the sores and put concoctions of his own inside the infected area.  Included was turpentine and other products.  My father told me that within a few weeks Grandpa would get up to a gallon of puss that would come out where he had lanced the infected area. As you can see a collar around a horses neck can rub, and over time it can create a sore. Many farmers would put ‘collar pads’ under the neck collars.

Grandpa had a horse that would try and crush him whenever he walked into the horse’s stall. The horse had crushed other people breaking their ribs.  Grandpa told me how he had cured the horse.  I used the same technique when Jacob trained ‘Buck’ in  ‘Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance.’

Go to Chapter 7, page 52, and read how Jacob cured Buck from ‘crushing.’ If you have any questions go to ‘comments’ and ask me.





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