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Doc Cooper and Scooter

                                                                                             “Doc”  Terrance M. Cooper 

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My wife and I have resided in Iron County for the past 18 years. We have lived in Parowan for the last eight years.

I grew up in Coopersville, Michigan, and went to a one room school house on Ensley Road, just about a quarter mile from our farm. The teacher often asked students from grades 6 to 8 to write a story from their imagination. She would always choose my stories, and told me that I had a talent for writing. During those early years on our family farm, my favorite thing to do was to ride my horse, Cherokee. My dad and his father, Grandpa Cooper were experienced horse trainers.

I graduated from Coopersville High School and then joined the Marine Corps for four years. During those four years, I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After my tour of duty with the Marine Corps, I was called on a mission to the Samoan Islands for two and one half years.

After my mission, I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I then enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa and graduated in 1970. While attending Palmer College, I met my wife, ‘Julie Ann’ on a blind date in Nauvoo, Illinois. After my graduation from Palmer College, we moved to Sacramento, California, where I practiced Chiropractic for 10 years. During those years we were blessed with 6 children. We now have 32 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

We lived on a small 10 acre ranchette in Wilton, California (about twenty miles south of Sacramento) where we raised horses. While living there I was invited by some friends to go on a trip into the Tetons Mountains, with our own horses. While riding through that beautiful country, I envisioned where the Sioux must had camped. I saw the same mountains that they would have seen, and I rode my horse over the same lush meadows, they would have ridden. While reflecting on these events back in camp, a story began to form in my mind. When I returned home, I began putting my thoughts down on paper. As I started researching the area I shared the beginnings of the story with different patients. They enjoyed what they had read, and encouraged me to continue and complete my story. In 1978 we decided to move to Yreka in northern California, where we purchased an 800 acre ranch, with intentions of raising ‘Cutting Horses.’

In the city of Yreka, I opened a practice. As I learned more about the history of Yreka, I learned that Yreka had been an old mining town, where gold had been discovered in 1851. There had been a ‘gold rush’ and thousands of miners flooded the area.

I had many patients who were still mining along the Klamath River. Some of these patients brought in boxes containing assorted sizes of gold nuggets and fine flakes of gold in jars. A patient told me that there had been Chinese miners, who had dug tunnels under the town looking for gold. His brick home was originally built in those early gold rush days. In one of his closets was a trap door that went underground into the different tunnels. He invited me to come to his home and climb down and explore some of those tunnels. I could kick myself, because I never took him up on his offer.

I went to the Yreka City Library where I gleaned many interesting stories and events about Siskiyou County miners, mining activities and events that occurred in days long ago.

Over the mountain, east of Yreka is the city of Fort Jones. When the Modoc Indians went on the war path in the 1850’s, a fort was built to protect the miners and settlers.

While searching through the old newspapers, I came across an interesting article. The article said that a Captain Ulysses S. Grant had failed to report for duty at Fort Jones and was considered AWOL.

As I was unpacking my endless boxes from our move to Yreka, I came across my original manuscript, and with all the information I had learned about Yreka, I decided I would add it to my manuscript, now making a total of 13 chapters.

After we had lived in Yreka for eight years, we were prompted to move to Utah, where I opened a practice in Vernal, Utah. After I had been in practice for five years, we bought a seventy acre ranch near Roosevelt, Utah, and moved my office to Roosevelt (about 40 miles west of Vernal).

While practicing in Roosevelt, a patient by the name of Clair Poulson, came to my office for treatment. He was already a well known author, and I told him about my manuscript. He offered to read it. When he returned my manuscript, he had edited it and asked, “Doc, would you like co-author this with me?”

I was thrilled and said I would be honored to, but I put off doing anything with my manuscript, because I forgot all about it as I was so busy in my Chiropractic practice. I practiced in Roosevelt for fifteen years; and my wife and I raised horses, cattle and kids. All of our children participated in small cattle round-ups, and helped with inoculating, dehorning and branding the cattle, and yes, we even tried ‘Mountain Oysters.’

After all of our kids were married, my wife and I received a mission call from the Church to serve in Oakland, California. In 2003, we sold our Roosevelt ranch and bought a home in New Harmony, in southern Utah, where our daughter and her husband were going to school in Cedar City. While serving on our mission in Oakland, California, our daughter and her husband lived in our home in New Harmony.

As our mission was ending our daughter, Emily contacted us and told us about a building that was being renovated on Main Street, in Cedar City. She sent me pictures of the building and I leased it.

We returned to our home in New Harmony, and remodeled and opened a Chiropractic office on South Main Street, in Cedar City, and called it ‘Accident and Injury’ Chiropractic Clinic. I hired another Doctor of Chiropractic, who was just graduating from school by the name of Justin Biggs. I practiced for eight years and then gave him my practice, and my wife and I moved 15 miles north of Cedar City to Parowan, Utah in 2010, to open another practice. While there I had to attend a seminar in Salt Lake City, and the speaker at the seminar made a comment: “Everyone has at least one good book in their head.”

I went back home and searched enthusiastically for my thirteen chapter manuscript, and added another eighteen chapters. Once my manuscript was completed, I didn’t know who to send it to for approval.

At that time, we were working in the St. George Temple and we had just changed shifts. On that new shift was Blaine Yorgason, a well-known LDS author. (He has written over 80 books.) I saw him in the cafeteria and asked him if I could have his e-mail address. He gave it to me and I sent him my manuscript for his perusal. The following day I received an email back from him. He said that he had had eye surgery and it was bothersome for him to look at a monitor for very long because of his eye surgery, plus he had two other books to complete, and he said he would try and get around to reading my manuscript within the next two months.

The following week, Blaine looked me up at the temple, and as he approached, he removed an envelope from his coat pocket and held it up. He said, “FANTASTIC!” “I never saw the end coming.” He went on to say. “I have been busy writing my other books, but as I glanced at your manuscript I couldn’t put it down. I read it in three days.” He asked me if I would like him to endorse it. I did! He did.

I then gave my manuscript to many of my patients and all of them said, “Doc, no good!!”

I asked them what was wrong with it, and they said, “MORE.” I needed to write more about Jacob, Zac and their future. So I added three more novels, and called it the “Jacob Series.”

A friend of ours in Herriman, Utah, who had bought the ‘Jacob Series,’ loaned his series to a man named, D. Martin from Reno, Nevada. Mr. Martin contacted my wife and I by phone, and wanted to talk about having my ‘Jacob Series’ made into a movie. He and his wife visited our home and got my permission to talk to a Movie Producer on the Wasatch front and give him the books. I gave him my permission and he returned a month later and said the producer loved my books, but said it didn’t have the PG13 content that other popular films had. He said, the ‘Work and the Glory’ did great in Utah and Idaho, but had lost a considerable amount of money.  The movie didn’t do great out of the area because there wasn’t enough sexual content in it.  He said I should hold on to the movie rights and see what happens in the future.

I felt I needed more credibility, so, I submitted my first book, “Jacob’s Inheritance” to Cedar Fort Publishing. They enthusiastically approved it, and it went into publication in May 2014. However, they renamed it “Dangerous Birthright.” I argued that it was not a “Birthright,” but an ‘Inheritance.’ They wouldn’t change the ‘Birthright,’ but agreed to add the name, “Jacob’s,” so it was called “Jacob’s Dangerous Birthright.”

I received many calls from people who had read the book, asking me when the next book was coming out. (There were a total of four books in the series.) Cedar Fort said they didn’t do series. If one book did well they would publish the next one, and so on. So it would take at least 3 years to have the other three books of the ‘Jacob Series’ completed. With that information, I didn’t want my readers to have to wait to read the ‘rest of the story.’ So, I bought back my contract from Cedar Fort.

Under law when someone buys back their book contract, they also have to have a new ISBN number and a new title and a new cover in order to republish it.


A talented local artist by the name of Alicia Bateman painted the new covers for the “Jacob Series,” and the covers for my three new additional books.


Please go to my website and read the reviews. I am so confident that you will enjoy the first book of the ‘Jacob Series’, entitled “Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance” that I am offering a full money-back guarantee. * See my guarantee on my website. Shipping is free for ‘Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance’ for first time buyers.

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e-books are also available for all of my books.

These are the names of my seven novels.

Jacob Series (Four Novels)

1. Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance

2. Riding for the Brand

3. Unseen Enemies

4. Home at Last

Caleb Series (Two Novels)

5. Caleb and Sam

6. Caleb’s Mission

7. Kathryn’s Inheritance

Non-Fiction Books

Denny the Devil and Terry the Terrible (To be printed)

Well Adjusted: Adventures and Exciting Stories of a Chiropractor (Editing)