Kathryn’s Inheritance

A man by the name of D. Martin called me and said he had read my books and wanted to talk to me about doing a movie on the “Jacob Series.”  He took my books to a friend of his who was a producer in SLC and after reading the books, he felt it would make a great movie. However, the producer said it would do great in Utah and Idaho where there were a lot of Latter-day Saints.  Once it was out of the area  it wouldn’t do that good because there was no sex relationships in the movie, nor a lot of violence.Later, Martin read my Kathryn’s Inheritance, and he said it was my ‘Flagship,’ meaning it was in his opinion my best book.  He never got a chance to read ‘Caleb and Sam,’ and ‘Caleb’s Mission.’ He died of liver cancer the following year.

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