Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance

I still remember riding my horse in the Tetons Mountains, Wyoming in 1975.  I was invited to go with a group of 17 horseman from Idaho.  The wrangler and guide had 9 pack horses and each of us brought our own horses with us. We went on an 80 mile round trip in one week. We rode to the continental divide where one stream went to the east and the other stream parted to the west. Famous names such as Jim Bridge, Kit Carson and other names that were carved into the trees, along with the dates of their carvings.

I brought a friend with me, Dale Brown, and since we were low on the totem pole we opted to do the dishes after every meal.  That alone endeared us to the group, because no one wanted to do dishes. When they found out I was a chiropractor, they all stood in line and I had office hours. One of the men roped a large downed log with his horse and pulled it into camp, and I used it to take care of my patients.

Talk about food.  It was some of the best I have ever eaten. They sure knew how to cook in the wilderness.  To this day, some of those men I met on that outing are still my friends.

While riding in the Tetons,I saw what the Sioux and the Shoshone Indians saw, and I rode where they could have ridden. We could have camped where they would have camped. While riding in those beautiful mountains, I received inspiration for a book.  l called it Jacob’s Inheritance and then later changed it to Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance.

I think you’ll be surprised by it contents. There are four volumes in the ‘Jacob Series.  Jacobs Dangerous Inheritance, Riding for the Brand, Unseen Enemies and Home at Last.

All of my books are historical fiction, which means the places, and some of my characters lived in those days,and they were real people. There is excitement, adventure, romance and plenty of action.

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