Home at Last


You wrote, “Just finished reading all four copies of your books, ‘Jacob’s Series.’ The first two I read by myself. The last two I read out loud to my husband. When I was reading about the boil and Emily’s revenge on Zac, in ‘Home at Last’, I laughed so hard I could hardly read it. We really enjoyed them.”

Carol, I’m glad you and Ed enjoyed the ‘Jacob’s Series.’ I also had so much fun in writing my last book, ‘Home at Last.’ However, I did have some tears when I wrote  about Zac and Elizabeth. The part about a boil on Shaun’s behind and Wahkan the Shoshone Indian using his knife, was inspiration, and also how Emily got back with Zac was hilarious and even Julie Ann and I had a great many laughs.

I really enjoy writing clean and wholesome novels.  I just found out that my youngest reader was a 12 year old boy, and the oldest reader was a great-grandmother age 103.

Thanks for your letter.


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