Caleb and Sam

I just spoke with a man in Parowan, Utah.  He and his wife had read all of my books which included the ‘Jacob Series,‘ ‘Caleb Series,‘ and Kathryn’s InheritanceMary his wife said, if she had to leave the room for something, Joe would grab the book and start reading it.  (They only had one book).  Since then they have bought copies of all my books and have given them to their family.  Joe said, “Your books keep my interest and I don’t want to put them down.”  An attorney and his wife dropped by our home last week, and they bought the ‘Jacob Series.’  They had been referred by the McCullough’s.  I asked Joe and Mary which book they enjoyed the most.  Joe liked “Kathryn’s Inheritance.” Mary liked the Jacob Series. I am glad there are people who still enjoy  a good read.  My books are family oriented, clean and wholesome.  All of my books have a lot of action, adventure and some romance.  My sons and daughters say, “Dad we didn’t know you had it in you.”  (I’m 76 years old)

Just as we have challenges in our lives today, the characters in my book also had challenges in their days. I tried to portray them  in their struggles and how they used prayer as a means of overcoming their problems.





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