Kathryn’s Inheritance

D. Martin and his wife visited Julie Ann and I while passing through to Reno, Nevada. He told me he had read Kathryn’s Inheritance, and said, “Doc that was your ‘Flag Ship.’ (Meaning my best book) He said he enjoyed it more than ‘Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance.’ He loved the romance, adventure and relationship between a man and a woman.

He said,

“When you write I feel as if I am right there with your characters that you portray.”

My goal has been to write exciting novels that deals with everyday events in the lives of people who lived in those days.  My novels are historical fiction, but many of my characters really lived in those early pioneer years. In my second novel of the ‘Jacob Series,’  ‘Riding for the Brand,’  Major Lugenbeel was the Commanding Office at Fort Boise, in the Utah Territory in the late 1850’s. He was in command of 325 cavalry troops. and they guarded the pioneer wagon trains from the Sioux Indians. Many of those people I wrote about were real, they lived, and that’s what makes my novels so exciting.

Doc Cooper

Western Movie, Adventure, Romance

I had a D. Martin come to my home with his wife.  He had read my book, Jacob’s Dangerous Inheritance and wanted my permission to take it to a friend of his who was a movie producer. He returned three weeks later and said that the producer was enthralled with my book, and felt it would make a great movie.  However he didn’t think it would do well financially.  He said the “Work and the Glory”  had lost eight million dollars.  It had done well in Utah and Idaho, but wasn’t accepted outside of the ‘Mormon’ culture. In other words it didn’t have the sex and swearing that was so common in other movies.

Doc Cooper